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Thank you for our committed sponsors for making this event possible!

Thank you for your interest in supporting the upcoming 13th annual Northeast Regional Life Sciences Core Directors (NERLSCD) meeting that will be held November 7-9, in Amherst, Massachusetts.  The meeting host is Andrew Vinard, Director of Core Facilities at UMass Amherst.

Corporate and Academic sponsorships have been essential to establishing this meeting as an outstanding regional networking resource.The NERLSCD meeting has become the primary annual regional gathering for core facility directors, managers and administrators to network with colleagues, to learn about biotechnology advances and applications, and to discuss the challenges and results of implementing shared research resources.  This year’s presentations and discussion forums focus on the expansions Core Facility boundaries, specifically the development of partnerships & collaborations towards sustainability. There will be technical workshops on next generation sequencing, proteomics, genome engineering, imaging/microscopy, flow cytometry, metagenomics and high throughput screening.  Last year’s meeting had 180 attendees from 49 institutions in eleven states in the USA and 2 Canadian provinces. We expect attendance at this year’s meeting to exceed 200 scientists and administrators

NERLSCD is mostly funded through sponsoring academic institutions and vendor support. The 2017 meeting received support from eight institutions and thirty-six vendors. Sponsorship contributions of any amount are appreciated.  Sponsorship benefits for Academic and Corporate Sponsors are outlined here:

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Please submit your advertisements as high res images (formatted as .tiff, .png or .pdf) to by October 12th 2018 so that they may be incorporated in the printed programs. Submissions after this date will be incorporated on the online version but not the printed version of the program.

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